About Dr. Tice


Training and Credentials

Dr. Tice is an ABPN diplomate in both Psychiatry and in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. In maintaining Board certification, the ABPN recognizes that “Dr. Tice has shown continued dedication to excellence in the practice of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Participating in the Maintenance of Certification Examination means keeping current with rapidly advancing medical innovations, and striving to achieve quality clinical outcomes in a responsive, patient-focused setting. It means commitment to lifelong learning and on-going self-assessment in order to improve performance and efficiencies in practice. It means living a standard by which medical care is evaluated and demonstrating leadership in the nation movement for healthcare quality.”

Dr. Tice received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California at Davis in Communication and Biology. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. Both his residency in Psychiatry and subsequent fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry were completed at the Los Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical Center.

Dr. Tice opened his private practice in 1992. His practice is outpatient only, however he maintains privileges at both Ventura County Medical Center and at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura. He has served as both the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and as the Medical Director for Children’s Behavioral Health in years past for the Ventura County Medical Center and Ventura County Behavioral Health Department, respectively.

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Tice approaches patient care needs from a biological-psychological-sociological-spiritual perspective. He believes it is important to understand his patients and their needs as a whole person involving each of these areas. With this understanding, he seeks to collaborate with individuals, their families and significant others to alleviate suffering and restore health.


Dr. Tice is considered an “out-of-network” physician for PPO insurance plans. He will gladly provide you with a statement so you can seek reimbursement from your insurance company for his services. He is also able to assist you in seeking reimbursement through a billing service. Some insurance plans allow patients an option for a “single case agreement.” A single case agreement is a contract the insurer makes with Dr. Tice to provide treatment for a specific individual only. Generally insurers reserve this type of agreement for persons for whom they do not have a physician with sufficient expertise, availability or within a reasonable proximity to the patient on their provider panel. Finally, Dr. Tice does not accept MediCal/Medicaid or Medicare.

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